Spanish approach of Epigraphic Echoes (EpiEch), an interdisciplinary project for the study of inscriptions from Antiquity to nowadays

Manuel Ramírez
Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Marion Lamé

Digitalización, creación de recursos

The Epigraphic Echoes (EpiEch) project conjugates epigraphic research with the methods of Public History, by Studying the diachronic, diatopic and diastratic reuse of inscriptions from Antiquity to nowadays, from the Balkans to the Iberian Peninsula. It aims at identifying patterns in epigraphic communication among inscriptions that are distant in sapce and time in order to shed lights on the intercultural continuity from one society to another one and how identities of local community was designed thanks to those visble words. Similar ambition are faced currently by research projects in philology, focusing on the intertextuality between epigraphic and non epigraphic texts. Memorata Poetis works on an exhaustive diachronic corpus of multilingual epigramms. Although the numerous and various relationships between epigraphy and literature are basic components of the epigraphic and historical methods, they are not sufficient to draw a complete standpoint of entangles dynamics of social and cultural realities. EpiEch wants to elaborate a genuine digital method applied in a diachronic way on epigraphic material.